Standard Limited 1 Year Door Warranty:

Economy Doors offers a limited one year warranty from date of shipment/pick up on wood doors. Economy Doors warrants our wood doors to be free from defects in material and workmanship that makes the door unserviceable or unfit for the ordinary recommended use, provided the doors are stored, installed, finished and maintained as instructed by Economy Doors.

Economy Doors will, at its option, repair or replace any defective door in the same condition as it was originally supplied. Costs incurred by the builder/customer for re-hanging, re-painting, or re-staining the door are not reimbursed by Economy Doors.

All Materials should be inspected upon delivery/pick up. All shortages and freight damage must be noted on the Bill of Lading. Installation and use of door product constitutes customer acceptance.

The following are limitations which are not defects in material or workmanship and are not covered by this warranty:

Any and all damages resulting from exposure by installing a door in an unprotected area. Doors must be installed with proper (substantial) overhang which protects the door from direct sunlight and or precipitation. An overhang that projects outwards from the door for a distance of not less than one-half of the height elevation measured from the bottom of the door to the bottom of the overhang at the point that the overhang is furthest from the door or entry. Example if the door height is 8 feet, overhang projection must be a minimum of 4 feet.

Doors must be fully sealed on all 6 sides (including hinge and bore mortise) exterior finish with oil base sealer or paint within 48 hours of receiving.

Damage caused from installing a wood door in prolonged direct sunlight, as typically found in south, southwest, or west facing exposures.

Damage caused by failure to comply with the finishing and maintenance instructions provided by Economy Doors, or by attempts to do any repairs to the door other than by an installer or representative authorized by Economy Doors.  

Water damage of any kind. Example: If exposed to prolonged rain, or misdirected sprinkler heads shooting water at door.

Damage caused beyond the control of Economy Doors such as misuse, mishandling, or by fire, flood, earthquake, storm, tornado or other acts of nature.

Failures or defects not covered include broken or shattered glass, normal wear and tear of  door components, improper storage, maintenance, improper cleaning, moisture penetration resulting from improper caulking, scratches resulting from pets, or normal wear and tear.